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Earthy Origins

Sprouted Bajra Flour

Sprouted Bajra Flour

250 g

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Looking to add a powerhouse element to your regular meals? You only need to look at our Bajra Flour Sprouted! This flour is made entirely of sprouted bajra grains, making it exceptionally high in fiber, iron, potassium, and manganese. It's not your typical flour. It's the sprouting process that does the magic.  

The process of sprouting releases the bajra's stored nutrients, facilitating easy absorption by your body. Better digestion, more energy, and an improvement in your general wellbeing are the results of this. Make tasty dosas and fluffy rotis or try making some healthy baked goods. 

 This sprouted bajra flour guarantees a delicious taste and texture that improves any recipe, unlike conventional bajra flour. Invest in sprouted bajra flour to upgrade your pantry and open a world of tasty, healthful options. 


Earthy Origins Farm


250 g

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