At our farm, we firmly believe in treating animals with care and respect. That's why we provide them with the freedom to roam and forage in open fields, bask in fresh air, and soak up sunshine. Our free range farming systems enable animals to engage in their natural behaviors, promoting enhanced health and happiness.

Our animals are given the space to freely explore large pastures abundant with fresh grasses, plants, and vegetation. We diligently care for the land to ensure its fertility, ensuring our animals are provided with a nutritious and well-balanced diet.

To ensure optimal veterinary care, we collaborate with experienced veterinarians. Our farmers possess extensive knowledge in handling animals, ensuring they receive the utmost respect and care. In our farming practices, we refrain from using growth hormones or antibiotics, creating an environment that is disease free for the animals.

Animal welfare is of utmost importance to us at our free range farm. Through our free-range farming practices, we prioritize the well-being and contentment of our animals, ensuring they are treated with fairness and dignity. By choosing our free range agricultural products, you have the opportunity to savor your meals while supporting animal welfare and sustainable agriculture.

  • No Hormones

    We believe in natural, hormone-free farming to ensure the purity and well-being of our animals, guaranteeing wholesome and untainted produce.

  • No Antibiotics

    Our commitment to animal welfare means saying no to antibiotics, ensuring the health and authenticity of our products.

  • Grass-Fed

    Our animals thrive on nutrient-rich grass, providing you with the highest quality, flavorful, and ethically raised meat.

  • Safe Environment

    We prioritize a secure and stress-free habitat, promoting the well-being of our animals and the superior quality of our products.

  • Our Farm, Our Food

    Every product reflects the dedication and care from our farm to your table, guaranteeing a genuine and ethical farm-to-table experience.

  • No Cruel and No Caged

    We adhere to cruelty-free practices, ensuring animals live in open spaces, promoting natural behaviors and humane treatment.

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How it works

In order to ensure the health and freedom from harmful bacteria or diseases of our farm and animals, we practice strict hygiene at Earthy Origins. We have followed industry standards for sanitation, like frequent cleaning and disinfection of our facilities and equipment.