Ready To Cook Gravies

Dinnertime has just become a lot more exciting! Introducing Earthy Origins' latest offering of ready-to-cook curries, your entry point into a world of authentic Indian flavors. We use the freshest ingredients and aromatic spices to create restaurant-quality curry pastes that are delivered right to your home. Skip the grocery store rush and the never-ending chopping. Just chicken and water is all you need to make a tasty and filling meal with Earthy Origins curries in a matter of minutes. From the creamy comfort of Butter Chicken to the sizzling intensity of Pepper Chicken, explore our colorful assortment. Let Earthy Origins become your culinary superhero and turn your weeknight meals into delectable feasts!


What are Ready-to-Cook Curries from Earthy Origins?

Earthy Origins Prepared Ready to Cook Curries are pastes created with real spices and fresh ingredients that are simmered slowly. Simply add chicken and water to the pouch, follow the simple cooking directions, and you'll have restaurant-quality curry in minutes.

How long does Earthy Origins Ready-to-Cook Curry take to cook?

You can have each curry ready in less than 20 minutes! Just follow the simple simmering time instructions on the package.

What are the advantages of utilizing Earthy Origins Ready-To-Cook Curries?

Convenience: Avoid hours of prep work and visits to the grocery shop. Our curries may be prepared in a matter of minutes and are delivered right to your door. Authentic tastes: We use high-quality ingredients and traditional spice blends to create genuine Indian flavors. Variety: Discover a variety of delectable curries, from hot to creamy, to satisfy every taste. Freshness: We use the freshest ingredients to provide a restaurant-quality experience.

Do I need any other things besides chicken and water?

With every spice required, our curries are meant to be full meals on their own. But, you can add your own unique touch by squeezing in some lemon for added taste or using fresh herbs like coriander leaves.