Our Story

We, the founders of Earthy Origins, like to call ourselves the pioneers of change. We are brothers who grew up amidst lush green farms, organically raised animals, and unadulterated nutrition.

Our life took a turn as we moved to the cities to get educated and become first-generation graduates. After living in the metros for over a decade, we felt a huge, expanding gap in the food we consumed. The meat especially lacked the nourishment of being raised in an open environment without the use of any hormones or antibiotics. It simply lacked the love of our farmers.

That revelation led us to bring our farm to the common people. In a world where we always try to advance with tech, we adopted “Step back with tech” is our principle. We are adopting high-edge technology to bring organically raised vegetables and meat to the cities while reducing manpower. and automation for efficiency and uses organic and natural ways of producing vegetables and meat.

All our products are 100% native, natural, and organic. We have retained traditional methods of farming and animal culture where we refrain from using any chemicals, colour, or preservatives. Our ultimate focus is to build a better, sustainable tomorrow for the future generation while providing healthy and natural food to the current generation. Additionally, as a symbol of appreciation, we ensure that our community of farmers receive the right rewards for their contribution.

  • Farm to Table

    We wholeheartedly embrace the farm-to-table concept, crafting a culinary journey that highlights the true essence of locally procured ingredients. Our dedication to sustainability ensures that every dish captures the genuine flavors of our region, echoing the authenticity of the land and the hard work of our farmers.

  • Ethical Farming

    Our practices prioritize animal welfare, sustainable methods, and environmental harmony. From pasture to plate, our commitment to ethical standards ensures that every product is a testament to responsible and compassionate agriculture, fostering a healthier planet and a conscientious culinary experience.

  • Transparency and Traceability

    we prioritize transparency and traceability. We meticulously document every stage, from the open pastures to the final packaging. By sharing detailed information about your food's origins, we aim to build trust in our commitment to quality, ethical standards, and the humane treatment of animals.

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Premium Quality Meat

Our premium free range meat comes from animals reared in a large outdoor environment grazing, roaming freely, and using pasture with high levels of nutrients. Our animals are never given antibiotics, synthetic hormones, or growth-promoting drugs, and are raised on a natural diet. This will ensure that our meat is of the finest quality, and taste and is sustainable while also encouraging good animal welfare practices .

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