Our Standards

  • Organic Feed

  • Humane treatment

  • Ethical farming

100% Organic & Pasture-raised

We adhere to strict animal welfare standards at our free range farm of Earthy Origins, so that we can raise healthy animals. Our standards include:

1. Organic Feed: We're only using certified organic, non-GMO feed which has no synthetic additives, pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers.

2. Pasture Raised: our livestock is free to walk and forage on open pastures where they can eat fresh grass with a view to soaking up more sunlight and fresh air.

3. No Growth Hormones or Antibiotics: In the case of our animals, neither growth hormones nor antibiotics are ever used and we treat them with natural remedies if necessary.

4. Humane treatment: We believe in treating animals humanely and providing them with a clean, comfortable environment that will enable them to live happily.

5. Sustainable farming practices: We work towards decreasing our carbon footprint and protecting the environment by applying regenerative farming techniques in support of soil health and biodiversity.

By following these standards, we can obtain high-quality meat and eggs which are both delicious and nutritional but also sustainable, humane, and free from harmful chemicals and additives. For us, it is our belief that by adopting these practices we will distinguish ourselves and ensure you have the best quality products when choosing Our 100% organic products.