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At Earthy Origins Our Fram-To-Table approach, is driven by passion, integrity and thoughtful decision-making. We begin by selecting the organic seeds and nurturing them in nutrient-rich soil under the open sky. When it’s time for harvesting, we personally hand-pick each piece of produce to guarantee its freshness and quality. Our organic treasures then make their way onto your plate bringing with them the goodness of the soil. Our farm is a welcoming home to a range of animals including hens raised on pastures for egg production, goats fed on grass and free-range chicks. Our farm-to-table process goes beyond just employing organic food; it aims to establish a connection between you and the food you consume as well as the land it comes from. We are excited to extend our online delivery services to vibrant cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Coimbatore. Allowing us to bring our commitment to quality and sustainability right, to your doorstep.

Online Chicken Delivery Chennai & Bangalore

Free-range Chicken (Vs) Caged Chicken

🌿 Ethical Treatment

🌿 Low Stress

🌿 No Antibiotics or GMOs

🌿 Environmental Sustainability

🌿 Topnotch quality and flavour

🌿 Healthier meat

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online mutton bangalore and chennai

Grass-Fed Goat (Vs) Grain Fed Goat

🌿 Healthier fatty acid profile

🌿 High vitamin and mineral content

🌿 Lowest fat content

🌿Nutritional superiority

🌿Environmentally Friendly

🌿 Superior flavour

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Eggs Online Delivery Chennai Bangalore

Free Range Egg (Vs) Caged Eggs

🥚 Humane treatment

🥚 Improved Welfare

🥚 Environmental benefits

🥚 Superior Taste and Quality

🥚 Less crowded conditions

🥚 High proteins and calcium

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  • Fresh Chicken Online Delivery Chennai and Bangalore


    Our organic free-range farming ensures the highest-quality goods. Committed farmers cultivate crops and raise animals with care, following sustainable practices. From choosing seeds to rigorous quality control, our behind-the-scenes approach reflects dedication to providing wholesome, delectable, and sustainably produced food.

  • Meat Online Delivery Online Chennai and Bangalore


    By choosing Earthy Origins, you've embraced sustainable eating, supporting our mission to conserve animals, plants, and the ecosystem through our fresh meat and goods. Anticipate the real taste of free-range chicken, grass-fed goat, and more. Online meat delivery coming soon to Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, and Hyderabad!

  • Fresh Chicken Online Delivery Chennai and Bangalore


    Our skilled butchers adhere to Indian standards, employing Halal cutting for a satisfying experience. We ensure flavorful, genuine, and healthy meat from animals treated with care. Choosing to chill, not freeze, preserves superior taste. Quality is our priority—our humane and expert butchering techniques guarantee precision and respect in every cut.

  • Organic Meat Delivery Chennai and Bangalore


    We prioritize quality from slaughtering to packaging. Each cut is meticulously examined for freshness. Our butchers weigh, portion, and use eco-friendly materials to reduce waste and environmental impact. Airtight wrapping preserves freshness, flavor, and tenderness. Clear labeling reflects our dedication to sustainability in every step.

  • Fresh Meat Home Delivery Chennai and Bangalore


    Expect top-notch delivery for your organic meat, ensuring timely arrival. Our efficient logistics, soon expanding to Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Coimbatore, prioritize quality and sustainability. Whether it's grass-fed goat meat, free-range chicken, cold-press juice, or Nutri batter, count on our customer support for assistance with your order, purchase, or delivery queries.

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1. Why online meat is expensive?

Purchasing meat online might be more expensive due to factors such as quality assurance, thorough packing, and specialist refrigerated transportation. Furthermore, online platforms often offer premium cuts and organic options, which come at a higher price point. Online meat purchasing might be more expensive initially, but it can also provide consumers with convenience, quality, and variety that make the investment worthwhile.

2. What is farm fresh meat?

Farm-fresh meat is regarded as meat that is obtained directly from nearby farms, resulting in minimal transportation and maximum freshness. It is often produced employing ethical, environmentally friendly, and compassionate agricultural methods, producing meat of a better calibre and flavour that is deprived of artificial chemicals and antibiotics.

3. Is it safe to eat meat purchased online?

Yes, purchasing meat online from trustworthy sources may make it safe to consume. Genuine online meat stores maintain freshness by adhering to strict quality control, cold chain transport, and packaging standards. It is critical to select well-established suppliers with transparent sourcing and handling practices for safe, high-quality meat items. Buying meat at Earthy Origins is one such safest option.

4. How can we identify if meat purchased online is fresh?

Examine the reputation and reviews of the provider to determine the freshness of meat bought online. Look for openness about sourcing and handling practices. When receiving a package, look for clear packing and dates for usage. Trustworthy online meat sellers prioritise freshness and usually give careful descriptions of the product

5. Which is better, brown or white eggs?

The color difference is purely cosmetic. Both brown and white eggs offer the same nutritional value. It's the chicken's diet and living conditions that truly impact egg quality.

6. What is the difference between halal meat and regular meat?

Halal meat follows Islamic dietary laws, ensuring humane slaughter and specific processing. It's a conscious choice for those seeking meat produced with ethical and spiritual considerations.

7. Is it safe to buy meat online?

Yes, if you choose a reputable source. Ensure the online vendor prioritizes quality, hygiene, and proper handling. Check reviews and certifications to guarantee a safe and reliable purchase.

8. Why eat antibiotic-free chicken?

Antibiotic-free chicken promotes health by avoiding unnecessary antibiotics in poultry. This choice contributes to reducing antibiotic resistance, ensuring safer food and preserving the effectiveness of antibiotics for medical use.