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Earthy Origins

Beetroot Chilla Mix

Beetroot Chilla Mix

250 g

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With Earthy Origin Beetroot Chilla Mix, you may ditch the conventional in favor of the vivid! This unique blend is a powerhouse of fiber, iron, potassium, and manganese since it is loaded with the goodness of sprouted ragi flour, sprouted moong dal, and rice flour. But there's still more! 

The vibrant vitality of actual beetroot flour has been blended into this mix to give your chillas a beautiful shade of pink and a slight earthy taste. The main ingredient is a symphony of spices: a dash of aamchoor for a delicious tang, a bit of chili powder for a playful kick, and jeera for a touch of warmth. Turmeric gives the dish a golden sheen, black pepper adds a hint of heat, and ajwain offers a distinct taste depth. 

Earthy Origin Beetroot Chilla Mix is your secret weapon for creating healthy and visually stunning breakfasts. Simply add water, whisk, and cook for perfectly fluffy chillas with a vibrant pink hue.


Earthy Origins Farm


250 g

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