How Earthy Origins' Free Range Meat Contributes to Human Health?

How Earthy Origins' Free Range Meat Contributes to Human Health?

What does Free-Range Meat Mean?
Free-range meat is one of the farming methods which means the chickens roam freely within an area. They are not confined in cages. Also, these animals are naturally growing without any antibiotics or medical content and just imagining animals walking freely and roaming in a particular area that is called organic grass-fed meat.

Good Protein content
The human body naturally needs good protein content. Major protein contribution to our body is muscles to generate and repair tissues and cells. This nutrient is a major play role in pregnancy and child growth. Free-range meat has included a high level of protein and it contributes human healthy life.

High vitamins and minerals
Another important contribution is high-quality vitamins and minerals. Animals freely roam in free around the farm so animal activities are higher than caged animals. Naturally, animals reduce the bad fat content in their bodies and also other vitamins like vitamins A,B,D Sodium, and Potassium. These nutrients major found in meat.

Free-range hens produce better eggs
India is one of the high population countries in the world. People’s egg consumption increases day by day but the thing is most people consume caged chicken eggs. A certain percentage of people only consume organic eggs. Pasture-raised eggs or free-range eggs contain 2 times more omega 3 and 3 times more vitamin E, 1/3 less cholesterol, 2/3 more vitamin A. These are the vitamin content in pasture-raised eggs and also it’s very useful for human health.

Fat-Free Meat
Some kinds of caged animal meats like chicken and goat meats produce more fat in their muscles and skin. The major reason is more growth in a short time so they are using antibiotics and growth hormone injections to get quick results. But grass-fed-meat farming does not include these growth hormones and antibiotics. Animals naturally grow with a low and good level of fat content.

Higher Meat quality
Compared to caged animal meats, Free range animal meats are naturally high quality. Normal caged animal meats easily affect bacteria and meat quality is automatically low. On the other hand, Free range meat does not easily affect bacteria and also keeps certain hours fresh.

Today, people consume junk foods, which also easily affect blood pressure, Insulin, and high cholesterol problems. Earthy Origins is one company that provides farm-level high-quality grass-fed meat to our customers to keep a human healthy lifestyle.

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