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Earthy Origins

Sprouted Moong Dal Flour

Sprouted Moong Dal Flour

250 g

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With Earthy Origin Sprouted Moong Dal Flour, elevate your baking and cooking to a new level! This flour is unlike any other since it is made entirely of sprouted mung dal, which opens a world of untapped health advantages.  

Activating enzymes and enhancing nutritional absorption, sprouting turns moong dal flour into a superfood rich in fiber, iron, potassium, and manganese. It's also easily digestible and naturally gluten-free, making it ideal for people with sensitive stomachs.  

The mild, nutty flavor of sprouted moong dal flour adds a delightful dimension to your favorite dishes. Use it to create wholesome batters for dosas and porridges. It's an excellent gluten-free option, offering a protein boost to your meals while maintaining their light and fluffy texture. 


Earthy Origins Farm


250 g

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