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Earthy Origins

Moong Chilla Flour

Moong Chilla Flour

250 g

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We are pleased to provide Earthy Origin Chilla Mix, your one-stop shop for delicious and healthful recipes that use chilla!  

This mixture is a great source of fiber, iron, potassium, and manganese. It is heavy in rice flour, besan, and sprouted moong dal. Aamchoor adds a delightful tang, jeera adds a gentle hint of warmth, and a dab of chili powder gives a playful kick to this lovely blend of spices.  

Turmeric gives it a golden sheen, black pepper lends a bit of heat, and ajwain adds a particular depth of flavor. Earthy Origin is your go-to source for delicious and simple morning recipes. 


Earthy Origins Farm


250 g

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