What we do

At our free range farm, we are dedicated to providing sustainable and ethical animal products while advocating for responsible agricultural practices. We believe in creating an environment where animals can thrive, ensuring their well-being through methods prioritizing freedom of movement. In our commitment to sustainability, we focus on minimizing waste, conserving water resources, and providing our animals with a natural diet and ample space for unrestricted movement.

Our farm has various animals, including free range chickens, grass-fed goats, and pasture-raised hens for eggs. We are committed to offering them a natural diet and ample space for social interaction and exercise. Our animals are never subjected to growth hormones or antibiotics, and we refrain from confining them in cramped enclosures.

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Free-range Organic Chicken

🌿 Humanely Raised

🌿 No antibiotics or added hormones ever

🌿 100% Natural Diet

🌿 Higher in iron, and higher in Omega 3

🌿 Lower Omega 6:3 ratio

🌿 Higher in antioxidants

🌿 Environmentally Friendly

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Our chicken coups are here to ensure that you enjoy farm-fresh Chicken

Our chicken coups are here to ensure that you enjoy farm-fresh and hormone-free chicken that stimulates your palate and reminds you of the the taste, heritage, and the haleness of your Grandmother’s chicken recipe. Raised with the love from our farmers in its natural habitat, our chicken are the healthiest and are free from any artificial interventions. They are allowed to mature at their natural pace until they are suitable for consumption and are kept away from any growth hormones. We strongly believe in co-existing with nature, it is therefore that we bring you this holistic product of health and goodness.

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Grass-Fed Free Range Goat

🌿 Humanely Raised

🌿 Pasture Raised

🌿 Rich in Nutrition’s

🌿 Lower Cholesterol

🌿Environmentally Friendly

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Our goats are raised on farms converted into sustainable pastures

Our goats are raised on farms converted into sustainable pastures, with copious space for movement. Goats are ruminant animals and they are at their best when they forage on multiple kinds of grass and herbaceous plants. They are not fed any unnatural or hormone induced feed. Unlike conventionally raised goats, grass-fed goats are lower in cholesterol, less total fat, vitamin E, vitamin C, and higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid. Our goats lead to a healthier and happier you as they are allowed to express their natural selves.

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Free Range, Native Breeds

🥚 Humanely Raised

🥚 Pasture Raised

🥚 Raised on Small Batch

🥚 Rich in Nutrition’s

🥚 Lower Cholesterol

🥚 Environmentally Friendly

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We are the prominent Poultry farming in Madipakkam

We are the prominent Poultry farming in Madipakkam who is expertise in distributing a wide range Eggs to the required people. Free Range Eggs are the eggs that contain high rich protein and calcium to improve immunity also it helps to strengthen your health. Earthy Origins is the one-stop destination for all kinds of poultry farming with proper aspects in delivering the products to the people who deserve. If you are the one who are in the need to buy the eggs, just come and get the best eggs with affordable price.

How Its Works

⚙️ Process

At Earthy Origins, we want to deliver our customers and the environment nothing but the best. As said above, we are the nature workers working towards creating a planet with zero toxic and contaminated meat. Our farmers love the animals, consumers, and plants growing our farm equally. But, if you ask us that one reason why we are so invested in protecting mother earth, we would say that by nature, every farmer, butcher, and employee at Earthy Origins is working towards a common goal of unraveling the true potential of nature by restoring the uninterrupted human life cycle. Here is a sneak peek of our process cycle that we follow before meat or our products reach you.

🛒 Ordering

As you order the fresh meat products and our other products from Earthy Origins, you have already chosen the sustainable food path and joined your hands on a mission to protect animals, plants and restore the countryside with nature-rich farms. We can’t wait for you to enjoy our authentic free-range chicken, grass-fed goat, etc..While you are eager to receive the orders from us, we also ensure that every customer who buys products is satisfied and guaranteed an optimum experience.

🍗 Butchering

Once we receive an order from a customer, our master butchers take it by cutting the meat and chicken according to the Indian butchering standards.At Earthy Origins, our butchers practice halal cutting to ensure that the food is hygienic enough for everyone to consume. With this, we are pretty confident that our grass-fed goat meat free-range chicken will let every non-vegetarian indulge in flavourful, authentic and healthy meat derived from zero adulterated animals.

Also, one of those methods we follow to preserve the taste of meat and chicken at Earthy Origins is to chill it but not freeze it because we believe that chilled meat or chicken tastes better than frozen meat. Learn more about our advanced chilling methods.

📦 Packing

To ensure that our entire process of procuring products is sustainable, we at Earthy Origins have also adapted sustainable packaging. We pack each order using the vacuum-packaging techniques that help us maintain the tenderness of the chicken and meat till it reaches our customers.As stated everywhere, we abide by our oath to nature to protect the environment and ensure that we deliver nothing but healthy products to our customers. Thanks to our eco-friendly packaging partner for helping us stay at par with the ethical standards of our industry.

🚚 Delivery

At Earthy Origins, our satisfaction as a food delivery company is proportionally linked to our customers’ happiness. We do not consider ourselves the best unless the products reach you in the expected condition. Whether you order grass-fed goat meat, free-range chicken, cold-press juice or Nutri batter from us, the quality remains the key for us.If you have any queries related to an order, purchase, or delivery, please feel free to reach us at (mail address ) or call us at (number). Our customer service team will always be there to help you out.


1. How long does a free range chicken take to mature?

The incubation period for free-range hens ranges from 16 weeks to 20 weeks, though the particular time depends on breed, environment, and management practices. Due to the fact that they have more space to move around, free range chickens take longer to mature, resulting in increased muscle development and lean meat. The age when a free range chicken is ready to be processed will depend on its weight and size.

2. What is the time period to grow goat?

The duration of goat growth depends on its intended purpose. Generally, it takes around 6 months for a meat goat to reach market weight. Dairy goats are typically bred at around 18 months, when they begin producing milk and can continue for multiple years. The specific timeframe may vary based on factors such as the goat's breed, diet, and the rearing or care environment provided.

3. How do I know if my eggs are organic?

Look for a label certifying organics on the carton to make sure your eggs are organic. The label ensures that the hens are raised without the use of antibiotics, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers. In addition, organic eggs come from chickens who are fed an organic diet free of genetically modified organisms. In addition, chickens must have access to the outdoors and be able to perform some natural behaviors like scratching or dustbathing as specified on their Organic label.

4. How do you know if meat is organic?

To verify the organic status of meat, check for a package label featuring an organic certification. This certification guarantees compliance with stringent organic farming standards, including the exclusion of antibiotics, synthetic hormones, and pesticides. Organic meat originates from animals that are fed a GMO-free diet and reared in environments that enable natural behaviors and outdoor access.