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Organic Free Range Chicken

Discover the top-notch organic free-range, pasture-raised chicken in Chennai! Our exceptional chicken is raised in open, outdoorsy environments that allow the birds to wander around while taking advantage of a diversified diet and sunlight. Avoiding the usage of antibiotics, hormones, or chemicals ensures healthier and tastier consumption. While enjoying our country chicken's rich flavours and exceptional quality, you can help support sustainable agricultural practices. With just a few clicks, you can place a convenient online order and enjoy the flavorful delivery of healthy and ethical chicken.

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    Pasture-Raised chicken has a greater flavour and is an ethical decision. These hens have better lives and produce meat with more flavour since they are raised in environment-friendly circumstances with ample space.


    We air-chill our poultry to protect the natural flavours and lower the possibility of contamination, and its natural fluids and flavours are preserved. Savour the perks of air-chilled chicken.


    Slow-growing chicken has superior flavour, tenderness, and welfare. The birds mature at a normal rate, leading to harder muscular development, better flavour, and a more moral and compassionate method of rearing chicken.


    For more nutritious environmentally friendly chicken production, organic poultry practises prioritise ethical treatment, outdoor access, non-GMO feed, and the avoidance of antibiotics and artificial pesticides.


1. What is free range chicken?

The term "free-range" chicken signifies meat from ‘chickens’ that were grown in unrestricted surroundings, free to behave as they would in the wild. These animals have access to grass, sunlight, and a variety of food. Free-range meat benefits animal welfare and sustainability while also providing a more delightful ethical dining experience.

2. Is pasture raised chicken better?

Pasture-raised chicken is better in taste, nutritional value, and production ethics. Chickens are allowed to forage freely and consume a variety of foods, producing meat that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. It also encourages sustainable farming and better animal humane practises.

3. Why country chicken is so expensive?

Due to its superior standard and ethical production practises, country chicken is quite pricey. They are often reared in large, natural habitats, fed a diversified diet, and need more time and effort to care for, resulting in a greater cost of production as compared to conventionally farmed chicken.

4. Is it worth buying organic chicken?

Buying organic chicken is worth it, for the ones who value their health and as well as the welfare of animals. Organic chicken offers healthier and safer options as it's free of antibiotics, hormones, and hazardous chemicals. Furthermore, it encourages a more sustainable food system and responsible agricultural methods.