5 Reasons why should choose Earthy Origins free-range meat?

Free Range Meat

In today’s world, we come across a lot of information about meat and how it affects our overall health. We have become more aware of what we eat.
We at Earthy Origins are looking to bridge that gap by providing you with high-quality locally sourced free-range meat that is better for your health and environment.

So, What is Free-Range Meat?

Free-Range Meat production is a type of animal husbandry where the animals are allowed to roam freely for most parts of the day. This method allows the animals to be exposed to sunlight, fresh air, and the required physical movement which is impossible in a caged pen or coop. All kinds of meat, eggs, or dairy farming can be done using the Free Range method.

Additionally, free-range means

  • Animals are maturing in their natural habitat
  • Reduced need for any growth promoters, genetic manipulation, or other antibiotics
  • Animals are less sensitive to diseases
  • No unnatural feeding mechanisms and clustered housing

If these reasons do not inspire you to shift to Earthy Origins free-range meat, here are five more reasons:

1. Healthier

Obviously! Free-range meat is the healthiest form of meat since it contains:

Vitamins – A, B, E
Conjugated Linolenic acids
Omega-3-fatty acids
The meat is leaner and contains minimal cholesterol and saturated fats. Since the animals raised using this process are grass-fed they possess an increased level of proteins and heart-friendly fats.

2. More flavorful

The unlimited access to nature and zero preservatives or antibiotics makes the quality of free-range meat 10X tastier. Free-range meat is juicier, chewier, and tastes like what “Grandma makes”. These benefits can be credited to reduced cortisol and improved muscle structure.

3. Ethically Raised

The animals are ethically raised and are not injected with growth hormones, antibiotics, preservatives or genetically manipulated. In the free-range method, the animals are farmed with utmost care and are protected from predators using fences. Apart from the time on the farms, they are allowed to take shelter in hygienic, roomy housing areas.

4. Safe for human consumption

Since the meat is produced in an uncontrolled, eco-friendly system they are less likely to transfer harmful bacterias such as E.Coli to the human system. The increased exercise makes them immune to other deadly viruses and microorganisms.

5. Feel Fit, Feel Good

Increased amounts of protein content, unsaturated fats, electrolytes, and other beneficial elements make free-range the right option for a healthy and fit lifestyle. An added benefit is that you become a “Biodiversity Star”. You become a part of the community that supports farms raising a broader range of species and promoting diversity.


If you’re wondering where you can find nutritious free-range meat, you’re in the right place. At Earthy Origins, we bring free-range chicken, goat, and duck meat directly from the farm to your doorstep. Our free-range meat is safe, healthy, nutritious, and tasty.

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