5 Nutritional Health Benefits of Country Chicken

 Nutritional Health Benefits of Country Chicken


Have you ever wondered what kind of chicken you are eating? Is it free-range country chicken or growth promoted chicken? And does it matter? The answer is YES, it does matter. Through this blog we would want to provide a general overview of what free-range country chicken and growth promoted chicken are, and why you should choose free-range country chicken over other chicken considering your health and well-being.

What are Country Chicken and Growth Promoted Chicken?

Country chickens, also known as free range or organic chickens, are a type of poultry raised by local farmers in a natural environment with little or no human intervention. Almost all of them spend most of their time outdoors, running and searching the ground for worms or insects, then supplementing their diet with kitchen scraps.

Chicken injected with hormones on the other hand, is a type of poultry raised on large scale farms with controlled temperature, feed and medicines. All of these birds receive the same diet, no exercise, and are exposed to the same climate basically confined. Usually, it is a commercial variant of the Cornish chicken breed or another breed.

Health Benefits of Country Chicken

Country chicken has many health benefits over hormones injected chicken. Here are some of them:

* Free-Range Country chicken is a great source of protein to the human body, which is necessary for generating hormones, enzymes, and tissue growth and repair as well as immune system support. Depending on the meats water and fat contents, chicken meat (including poultry meat) has a protein level that ranges from 15% to 35%.In particular, for older persons, protein aids in maintaining muscular mass and strength.

* Free-Range Country chicken is low in fat, especially saturated fat, which may help with weight management and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Saturated fat can increase Levels of bad Cholesterol (LDL) in the blood, which can clog arteries and cause heart attacks and strokes.54 grammes of protein can be found in one cooked, skinless chicken breast (172 grammes). In terms of grammes per 100, that is 31 grammes of protein.

* Free-Range Country chicken is free of the hormones and antibiotics commonly used in chicken which growth is promoted ny hormones and prevent disease. These substances can have negative effects on human health, such as an increased risk of cancer, early onset of puberty and antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance can make bacteria difficult to treat, leading to more infections and deaths.

* Free-Range Country chicken being rich in its protein content and is has better flavour and texture than hormones infused chicken due to its natural diet and outdoor activity. It has a deep, complex flavour and a firm, chewy texture. Growth promoted chicken, on the other hand, has a mild and consistent flavour and a soft and watery texture. This is because hormones induced chicken are fed corn feed and supplements that don't offer much variety or flavour.

* Free-Range Country chicken is environmentally sustainable and supports local farmers as it does not require intensive farming practices that can harm the ecosystem and animal welfare. Intensive agricultural practices can lead to pollution, deforestation, soil erosion, water scarcity and animal cruelty. Farm based Country chicken can help protect the country's natural resources and biodiversity, and also provides income and livelihoods for rural communities.

The bottom line: Due to its nutritional value and safety characteristics, free-range country chicken is healthier than chicken raised by hormones. Country chicken is wholistic in protein content and full of vitamins and other nutritional benefits. Country chicken is also good for the environment and helps local farmers. Therefore, we strongly recommend choosing Country chicken over hormone promoted chicken for a better diet. At Earthy Origins Farm, we as a community work hard to raise the most healthy and happiest chickens possible in a natural setting that encourages their instinctive behaviors and also makes it possible for them to develop into luscious and nourishing poultry. Earthy Origins offers a variety of organic meat if you'd want to experience Free range country chicken.


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