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Fresh Grass-fed Free Range Goat Meat

Delve into the luxury of Free range mutton from our Grass-fed goat. Our goats are fed with only grass and forage to maintain a healthy ecosystem amongst them. They are bred in a soothing, stress-free environment to ensure their health. Our Goat meat is a mile beyond traditional goat meat when it comes to quality and flavour. Buy our goat meat online delivery and get it right off the pasture, all fresh. Want it? Don’t look any further!

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Free Range Goat Meat

  • Grass – Fed

    We don’t grass feed our goats. They get access to only fresh grass that hasn’t been rained on with harmful fertilisers. We make sure they only eat forages and grass to keep them healthy for you.

  • Native Breed (Velladu)

    Also called the ‘Vellaadu’, this native breed of goat is well revered amongst the people. The taste this meat brings to your palate is second to none.


    To preserve the meat from the harm of microbes and spoilage, we air chill and vacuum pack your orders to ensure maximum freshness. Your well-being is extremely important to us!


    No hormones or antibiotics are used in the process of rearing these goats. Everything stays organic, right from the grass to the fertilisers.


1. What is a Grass-Fed Goat?

Grass feeding of goats consists of rearing goats with only fresh grass and other forages. Since goats are naturally good at digesting leaves and fibres, this would be the natural and harmless way to go, an alternative to the grain feeding method which is against and detrimental to its nature.

2. Is mutton good for health?

Yes, Mutton is good for health. It is rich in proteins, good fats, and loads of micronutrients. Goat mutton has a comparatively low-fat level when compared to other meats. But as the day-old saying goes, “ Even the gods’ nectar is poison if taken greedily. “

3. Why is goat meat costly?

Maintaining an organic space and ensuring the right diet for the goats takes a lot of effort on the part of the caretakers, right from rearing to packaging and transport. Unlike other meat like chicken, the cuts from goat meat have to compensate for the effort that the caretakers put into them, thus making mutton one of the costlier meats in India.

4. What nutrients does pasture raised goat meat have?

Pasture raised Free range mutton is rich in proteins and essential micronutrients. Unlike grain fed mutton, it is also lower in calories and fat. It's worth noting that while omega-3 fatty acids in goat mutton provide numerous health benefits, they are just one component of a balanced and nutritious diet.