What happens when you buy from your local farmers

Local Farmers

Local farmers product, Most of us refrain from asking the right questions while choosing the food we eat like Where does the food come from? Or How was it raised? Or Simply if it was safe for consumption?

Well, we have answers to all your questions and also reasons why you need to start buying from your local farmer immediately.

We at Earthy Origins procure our produce from farmers in Salem and Namakkal to ensure that we deliver quality food that was raised using traditional techniques and natural feed. Other reasons to buy from Earthy Origins also include increased taste, more nutrition, helps you support the local economy, protects the environment, and is safer for consumption.

Locally grown food is more flavorful

The difference between locally grown food versus store-bought food lies in the flavour. Locally grown food is more flavorful because most of it was harvested in the last 24 hours. Most locally grown produce is picked at the peak of its freshness.

Locally grown food has more nutrients

The nutritional value of locally grown food is higher because of the short time period between the harvest and your table. It is also richer in proteins & vitamins. It also encourages balanced eating by helping you incorporate more seasonal fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Locally grown food supports the local economy

Buying from your local farmer helps them get increased wages and helps them receive a greater profit share as they save money spent on packaging, transportation, and distribution. It also helps individuals in your community prosper as it paves the way to more jobs and helps support local businesses.

Locally grown food is safer

Imported food has a higher risk of contamination as it passes through multiple stages before reaching your hands. Locally grown food is devoid of such additional steps. Many local farmers take pride in raising preservative-free, pesticide-free, hormone-free food which makes it the safest.

Locally grown food helps protect the environment

You help protect small farmlands and green areas when you buy locally grown food. It also prevents genetic manipulation by protecting local varieties of produce. Buying locally grown food helps reduce inhumane practices by restoring natural grazing and shelter lands for animals.

Buy Local. Build a community.

Choosing to purchase locally grown food from a farmer supports the growth of a community, helps you to foster healthier lifestyle habits, and protects the environment. Buying from your locality might help us restore the golden era of buying & eating healthy and worry-free food.

If you’re looking for farmer-raised, locally-grown food, look no further! Order from us and get a chance to promote the success of your farmers and restore their farmlands.

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