The importance of sustainable agriculture

The importance of sustainable agriculture

Would you believe us if we say that sustainable agriculture is one solution that is showing promising results in positively impacting the ongoing climate change, water scarcity, land degradation, and unavailability of healthy food for the growing population?

It sounds astounding because it is TRUE!

What is sustainable agriculture?

Sustainable agriculture means modifying our farming habits in an endurable way to meet the needs of the current generation while not exploiting the resources. The goal of sustainable agriculture is to farm for the present while not affecting the ability of the future generation to sustain itself.  Sustainable farming methods also permit the current generation to increase food safety for the growing population.

Every small step counts when it comes to sustainable farming and food habits. While the big picture might seem challenging to achieve on an individual level, here are a few things that you can do to support sustainable farming.

Sustainable Meat Choices

The definition of sustainable meat might vary from person to person, farm to farm and so on. But wholly, the meat produced should cause a less negative impact on the environment. But how can you know if the meat on your plate is being raised using sustainable farming practices?

Here is how:

* Meat raised in free-range conditions with free access to food & water, and enough outdoor exposure
* Low to no use of hormones, antibiotics
* Natural & low-impact grazing
* Locally raised animals

Making a choice to eat meat raised using sustainable techniques helps you eat high-quality meat while protecting the environment.

Plant your own garden

Planting your garden is a great way to support sustainable farming. The easiest and most exciting way to start your little organic farm is by planting pollinator-friendly florals i.e., flowers that attract bees, butterflies, and other insects. This is will give your garden a vibrant appearance while acting as a safe haven for these insects which are essential for human existence.
You can also go all-in and grow your one food. This will make you an active practitioner of eating local and a role model to your community. While you might be tempted to protect your garden using chemically derived pesticides, it is best to use natural pesticides that pollute the soil when they penetrate.

Buy Local

Buying local is the holy grail when it comes to supporting sustainable farming. One way to buy or support local is to switch your regular grocery stores with s store that procures from local farmers. You can also help restaurants that cook their dishes from locally procured raw materials.

An equally fun alternative would be doing your weekly grocery haul from your local farmers’ market instead of a grocery store chain. Buying directly from the local farmer increases their profit and helps them provide higher quality food to your community.  What can be more exciting than meeting the people who grew the food you eat?

To summarise…

Sustainable living, smart choices, and buying local might sound difficult. But, it is easier when you make it an integral part of your life. When you opt into promoting sustainability, you are also increasing the chances of a better tomorrow. You transform into an ambassador for small businesses, thereby supporting the economy.

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